Confirmation is offered to youth in grades 7 and 8 and is a program that helps youth, through teaching and worship, identify more fully with the life of the Christian community and to participate in the church’s various ministries.

Confirmation is a two year program in which confirmands gather twice a month for class for one and one-half hours and it is taught by the pastors and parish worker. One year the lessons are focused on the Bible and the next year they are focused on Luther’s Small Catechism. At the end of the two years confirmands affirm their baptism through a confirmation of faith service.

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CLYP is a social group for youth in grades seven to twelve. This group meets regularly for fun and fellowship through activities held at the church, in Regina and in the surrounding area.

The group is led by our youth worker Marilla Rackow.

For more information about CLYP, Email Pastor Lynn at

Email: [email protected]


Canadian Lutheran and Anglican Youth conference is held once every two years at various locations throughout Canada. It is a fantastic opportunity for youth to read scripture in meaningful ways, participate in various forms of worship, attend special interest forums as well as social events, and to explore the host city.

The next one is being held in Calgary, Alberta in August 2020.