Church Reopening after Sunday October 18 2020

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After careful consideration and consultation with staff and our pastoral team, Church Council had set October 18th as our official reopening service. The decision to worship in person, just like the decision to buy groceries in person, or get a haircut, or widen your circle or friends, is very personal and must be made according to your individual needs and comfort level. We respect each decision and will support you no matter what that decision is. It’s one of the main reasons we will be continuing with our online services.

For those of you coming back you need to know things will look a little different as we have put many measures in place to keep everyone safe. We are following the protocols set out by the provincial government and the Sask Lutheran Synod including Pastor/Dr. Ali Tote who brings his expertise and perspective as an epidemiologist.

1. Limited numbers: We are starting with a total of 50 people in the building per service. Ten of those will be ministry and volunteers leaving 40 to come and enjoy the service.

2. Service time: We will begin with one service, Sunday mornings at 11:00. If numbers warrant a second service that will be arranged.

3. Registration: You need to contact the church by the Friday before the Sunday service to register. You will be asked for the name of each person in your group, address and phone numbers. This is to help us contain our numbers as well as to comply with contact and tracing rules.

4. Parking: Parking should not be a problem. If you can park on the street that would leave more room in the parking lot for our members who find it difficult to walk from a distance.

5. Entering: You may enter either of our main doors. Once inside you will find hand sanitizer as well as masks if you did not bring your own. Synod guidelines say masks are mandatory except for children who are very young. People who cannot wear masks for health reasons should be accommodated and should be seated at least 20 ft away from other people. This could mean sitting in the Narthex or lounge.

6. Reminders: There will be signs and cones reminding you to socially distance from other individuals or groups by at least 2 metres.

7. What you’ll see: The sanctuary looks a bit different as all hymnals have been removed and every second pew is roped off. In addition, the front 2 pews are roped off to allow for proper distancing between the pastors and the congregation.

8. Where to sit: Each person or family group will be escorted to a seat by an usher. You will not likely be able to sit in your usual spot! We will seat from the front to the back and leave, at the direction of the usher, from the back to the front to avoid crowding. We ask that people move outside immediately following the service.

9. Singing: You must be masked to sing. We invite you to sing with all your heart but only a fraction of your voice! By keeping your voice at a low talking level the chance of breath particles spreading is greatly reduced.

10. Movement during the service: You should feel free to stand, sit and kneel as you do in any service. You can wave vigorously at friends you haven’t seen in a long while and let them see the smile in your eyes. Just don’t take off your mask and don’t walk over to give anyone a hug or a handshake. You need to remain in your seat till the completion of the service.

11. Washrooms: We encourage you to use your home facilities before you come but the main floor washrooms will be available should the need arise. Only one person or family group will be allowed in at a time. There will be an attendant on hand to wipe down the bathroom surfaces in between each use.

Church will be different, but it will be wonderful!! By October it will have been 7 months since we gathered together in person to sing and pray and worship our God. If I may paraphrase from last week’s reading from Romans 12. We have many parts in one body, but the parts don’t all have the same opportunities.” If you have the opportunity to attend church in person do it with excitement and humility. If you have the opportunity to watch the service online, watch and listen with all your heart, if you have the opportunity to read the words that have been written and delivered to you in love do it with joy knowing that you have not been overlooked or forgotten. We have many members in our body, but the members don’t all have the same opportunities. In the same way, though there are many of us, we are one body in Christ.”

In His name.

Kathy Tiefenbach
Christ Lutheran Church Council Chairperson