Donate to Christ Lutheran Church

   Online Donations
         We now offer two options for those who wish to support the church electronically.

1. Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR): Click HERE to download the authorization form.
Click HERE to download the contribution list form. When you have filled them out send them to Irene at the church office. Once the application is processed the amount you indicated to give will be taken from your account on the 20th of each month and deposited directly to the church account. Be assured you can change the amount anytime you wish.

2. e-transfers: This is an online method that has grown in popularity with businesses, artists, and charitable organizations as well as family members or friends who need to send money to each other. Details on e-transfer are given below.

How to send an e-transfer
e-transfers are an online service provided by your bank or credit union. If you are not familiar with this service we suggest you contact your bank or credit union to ensure you follow the directions specific to that institution. Generally, though, here are the steps you will take:

1. Logon to online banking or use their phone app.

2. Chose e-transfer

3. Recipient: chose Christ Lutheran Church. You will probably be asked to set this up in your recipients or contact list.

4. Email: [email protected] It is very important you use this exact email!

5. Amount: specify exact amount, for example $100.00

6. Message: think of this space as similar to your envelope, please include your envelope number here and you can indicate where you want your donation to go, for example: General Fund, Refugee Fund, Memorial Fund, etc. (Note: You may also use this method to pay fees as opposed to making a donation, for example, Confirmation fees, perogy sales, breakfast tickets.) Any money received that does not have a designated message will automatically go into General Funds.

7. Review your information and press Confirm. Please note, we are set up for direct deposit which eliminates the need for a secret question and answer.

8. Press send.

When your e-transfer has been sent, you will receive an email with a confirmation number, the amount you sent, and that Christ Lutheran has received it. You should save this for your records. The church will receive an email saying who sent money, the amount sent, and what the money is for. From that point on each donation will be recorded and receipted like any other offering, and each payment will be applied to the appropriate place.

We are so very grateful for the consistent and faithful support of our members and we appreciate you stretching yourself by learning new ways to give. If you are having any issues with any of the options please contact the church office.

And don’t forget … a written cheque that arrives in the mail is always a welcome sight! Again, we ask that you specify what the donation or payment is for. Anything that is not specified will go to the General fund.

“ … and now we continue to worship the Lord with our offering.”

Other Donations

E-Transfer to: [email protected] please include your address for the tax receipt. Or a cheque made out to North Central Family Centre can be mailed to: 2931 5th Ave, Regina, SK S4T 0L4 or call 306.347.2552 with credit card information.

Cheques payable to Indigenous Christian Fellowship mailed to: 3131 Dewdney Ave., Regina, SK S4T 0Y5 Or on their website Or online at CanadaHelps -