Fellowship Groups

Men’s Breakfast Group

Meets every second Saturday at 8:30 am at Nicky's Cafe, 1005 8th Ave. for food, fun and fellowship.

Conversation includes faith, sports and what’s happening in our community and the world at large.

All men are welcome.    Men's Breakfast is currently on pause due to Covid.

Education Opportunities

Joy Bible Study Group

The JOY Bible Study Group meets together for Bible study and fellowship in each other’s home on a monthly basis. They participate in the prayer ministry of CLC and they continue the Nursery Roll ministry. The parents of every infant received into Holy Baptism at CLC receives four letters that over 3-4 years acknowledge the sacrament, encourage the parents to celebrate the child's baptismal birthday, bring the child to church / Sunday School, pray for the child and grow in faith as a family.  Each older individual who is received into Holy Baptism receives a letter acknowledging the sacrament and encouraging growth in faith.

Enlighten Time

Educational sessions held Sunday mornings in the Fellowship Hall from September to May. Sessions cover an array of topics including theology, health, religion, and more. Presentations are given by the pastors, parish worker, parishioners and people from the community.

Enlighten Time is currently on pause due to Covid.